Going Shopping!

It’s Tuesday, and just like the White Rabbit in “Alice in Wonderland,” I’m sitting here repeating to myself, “I’m late! I’m late! For a very important date!” It’s confession time: I missed my self-imposed deadline of Sunday nights to post the blog. Again. This bothers me, since I’m the person that doesn’t miss deadlines. Pretty much EVER. Since this is the second week in a row that I’ve posted late, I might just make Tuesday my new deadline. Or, I could just take the pressure off of myself and post them when I post them. Why do we do that to ourselves? None of us need anything else to beat ourselves up over, yet most of us tend to do this over and over again. Pretty sure I want off that crazy train.

I also need to apologize as I hadn’t realized that I didn’t have the “Comments” button turned on. Oops! With that fixed, I do reserve the right to delete any comments that are ugly, harassing, or inappropriate. Differences of opinion are fine and welcome when they are constructive and polite. Trolls can stay hidden under their respective bridges. If you feel that your comment or feedback shouldn’t have been deleted, feel free to reach out to me and we can have a friendly chat about it. But here’s the thing. Fire Poppies is about expanding the beautiful craft of needlework, no matter the form, in a positive, supportive, and loving manner. So play nice or plan on taking your toys elsewhere. Enough said.

This time I thought I’d chat about shopping. As of this moment, the goal is to get the online shop launched before the end of the year. So, this last week has been all about “shopping” for inventory and let me tell you it has been a ton of fun, mixed in with a teensy bit of nervousness (will it sell, not sell, am I ordering enough, too much??). Plus, it is going to be like Christmas is arriving early with all the packages that UPS, FedEx, and the Post Office will be delivering over the next several days.

But a little bit of history: back in June, I was fortunate to meet Susan James from the Needler. I was able to purchase her remaining inventory of floss, beads, and buttons after she had retired and closed the shop down, so I only need to fill in the gaps within the DMC, Anchor, Weeks, Classic Colorworks, The Caron Collection, Kreinik, and Rainbow Gallery floss lines. Same for the Mill Hill line of beads and JABCO buttons.

So far I have orders coming in for Weeks Dye Works’ 6-strand floss line, Classic Colorworks floss line, patterns and adorable Unicorn scissors from Glendon Place, lots of kits from Bothy Threads over in England (their Cut-Thru line is awesome!!), more kits coming in from Design Works, plus needles, fabric, accessories and patterns including Michael Powell, SamSarah, Hands on Design, Mill Hill, Satsuma Street, and others. And that is JUST the beginning!

The Gentle Arts, Rainbow Gallery, and Caron Collection lines are next. I’d love to hear what other lines of threads you’d love to have access to! There are so many beautiful options out there such as Dinky-Dyes, Presencia, Valdani, The Thread Gatherer, Au ver a Soie, Gloriana, etc.

Then there are charts and kits. I know what I love. What do you love?? Because as much fun as it is swimming in the gloriously colorful pool of charts and kits out there, this isn’t all about me. Fire Poppies is about YOU, so bring on the feedback and share with us who your favorite designers are, what themes you find yourself drawn to, and any other stitchy favorites you might have!

Let’s not forget about all the GORGEOUS fabrics out there! This is like being a kid in a candy store! Where do I start?? Do I have to stop? Not if I can help it, hee hee. There are amazing overdyes coming out of Russia, England, Australia, and other parts of the world, as well as in our own backyard. The sky is literally the limit. Social media has been an amazing platform in allowing stitchers to showcase their creativity when marrying fabric and pattern choices. And if you haven’t seen the pattern viewers out there that allow you to get an idea of what a pattern might look like on a particular piece of fabric, then you are missing out! Check out the links to these two versions: The Fabric Viewer and Polstitches. If you know of others, be sure to let us know in the Comments section.

As inventory starts to come in, I’ll post some pictures on our Facebook page, Fire Poppies Stitchery. There you can let me know what you love, what you don’t and you can post pictures of items you think should be included.

And if you create patterns, specialty fabrics, flosses, accessories, or notions that you think Fire Poppies should make available to the stitching world, get in touch with me via email at info@firepoppies.com and let’s talk about how to make that happen.

I hope each one of you has a great rest of the week and that you manage to find at least a little bit of time to stitch. After all, life is too short! I’ll leave you with this quote from Pam Grout’s book, “Thank and Grow Rich.”

“Follow what most excites you and the right people, the right materials, the right opportunities will show up.”

I’m counting on it! Until next week…

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