Loving the Small Stuff

Well, the holidays are upon us and Santa has definitely arrived early at my house! The FedEx and UPS drivers are getting to know my address quite well over the last couple of weeks and more is on the way. I spent most of Friday and part of Saturday getting inventory entered into Excel so that I can start importing it into the Square POS system, which will then let me import that into Ecwid – a shopping cart widget, which will then let me integrate with Squarespace. Oh, and then I need to get them all talk to QuickBooks. Whew! I had no idea that launching an online shop would involve so many pieces parts. If it was only an online shop it would be way simpler, but since there will be a physical shop, it complicates things a bit.

I should tell you that I watched my first FlossTube video today. Actually, it was called StitchyTube from the Kitten Stitcher. A friend of mine recommended Episode 31, since the Kitten Stitcher was giving her list of ten things that anyone who was considering opening a shop should think about. I came away feeling better about what I should be carrying as far as inventory, since her advice was to carry what you love and then adjust from there.

That works for me since I am one of those people that feel the need to get it absolutely correct right out of the gate and that trait simply won’t work well in this case. There is no way on God’s green earth that I could know exactly what I should start out with, and I could obsess (and have at times) over just what those items should be, which quickly becomes overwhelming. At that moment all I want to do is sit in a corner, put my hands over my ears and rock back and forth, all the while babbling incoherently that I just can’t do this.

Except I can. And I will. I will figure this out. I. Will. Figure. This. Out.

When I proclaimed to both sides of our family on Thanksgiving that I had an announcement to make, the first thing that popped out of their mouths, damn near simultaneously, was the phrase, “You’re pregnant?!” After wiping the bewildered look from my face (I’m 52 with a 28-year-old daughter and 6-year-old step-grandson), I was like, “Wait. What?? NO!” I went on to explain my grand plans which were met with a chorus of cheers, congratulations and all manner of fun physical interactions that included but were not limited to: hugs, clapping, pats on the back, and handshaking. In a word, it was encouraging and uplifting. Okay, those are two words, but who’s counting?

And since this is Thanksgiving weekend still, I feel the need to put out there what I am grateful for. Actually, I have been keeping a gratitude diary/journal/notebook/scrap paper/sticky note thingy going for the last couple of months and it has been so much fun (thanks Pam Grout!!). And while it would be easy to point out the big fun stuff, like the free sewing machine that showed up that will be available for folks to use when they visit the shop, or the great finds at the estate sale that I can use in the shop for display fixtures, I have discovered that it is in noticing the “small” things that really make life much happier. So here is my short (you’re welcome!) list of the small things I’m grateful for:

  • The many birds that come to the feeder in the backyard and for my dachshund that eagerly guards it against the marauding squirrel population.

  • The smile from the cashier at Wal-Mart when I look them in the eye.

  • The chance to completely customize my Starbucks drink so that it is less candy-bar-in-a- cup and a little healthier (okay, healthier might be a bit of a stretch, but we are doing the Keto diet right now, so work with me here!).

  • The fact that my husband doesn’t mind doing the vacuuming. We made that arrangement when we first got married and he has never asked me to take it over. Not even once.

So that’s it this week, guys. Be safe out there amongst the holiday crowds. Remember that there will be traffic and long lines, and the fact that you are out there in it means that you have added to the traffic and the longer lines. So be patient. Pretty much no one out there is intentionally trying to make anyone else’s experience crappy. That other person is just a different version of ourselves trying to make their way in the world. Be nice to them and be nice to yourself. You’ll be surprised at how much good comes your way when you make a point of doing that.

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